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Send Request for Quotation (RFQ)
BTB Plaza has the experience and skills necessary to supply you with distribition, power and special transformers. We manage new, surplus and used transformers of any rating, application and design and independent of geographical location.Please send us your request for transformers and we will do our best to help you!
Transformer RFQ-tool
This is an easy to use transformer configurator tool that helps you to make and send requests for quote to BTB Plaza including all necessary technical details. This tool is suitable for standard transformers up to 2,5 MVA. For special applications and for bigger power transformers we kindly ask you to use the request form.
Factory RFQ-tool
With this tool you may specify several items and find matching transformer factories and send out Requests for Quoatation directly to selected factories. This tool is only available in full mode for members of BTB Plaza. You may try this tool by asking for a test account. Please contact us for more information.
Component RFQ-tool
Find transformer component suppliers and send out Requests for Quote to selected suppliers.

Capitalization of Losses
In order to help the transformer manufacturer to optimize the transformer design in accordance with your energy cost and actual transformer loading cycle, please use our supporting tool for calculating the capitalized transformer losses.

Total Operating Cost
The Total Operating Cost (TOC) of a transformer is a summary of purchase price and the capitalized losses. It is therefore essential to compare transformer bids calculating TOC, please use our supporting tool for calculating the TOC.


Transformer Factories


Currently we have 274 Transformer Factories registered in our database from 49 different countries around the world. The production range of these factories is broken down to as follows:

Concept: Dry-type (169), Oil immersed (209).
Application: Distribution (223), Power (200), Earthing (38), Convertor (85), Rectifier (109), Furnace (88), Marine (34), Offshore (14), Railway (40), Reactor (40), Windmill (21).
For Transformer Manufacturers:
Register your factory here.