4.5 MVA 21.5(10.75)/6.9 kV - ID: BTBWeb #67

Contact person: Thomas Forsman, phone +358 400 583 647
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NOTE! This transformer IS (Currently) NOT LONGER AVAILABLE. The transformers could still become available in the future depending on rental arrangements etc. Please send us an Inquiry.
Quantity : 1 pce Brand : ABB, Finland Condition : Second Hand (only temporary installation) Year of Manufacture : 2001 Application : Power Transformer Basic Transformer Concept : oil-immersed, hermetic Tank Design : corrugated tank design, flexible cooling fins Number of Phases : 3-phase Type Designation : CTMP 24 HM 4500 Rated Power : 4500 kVA Method of Cooling : ONAN Voltage Ratio - HV1/LV : 21500 / 6900 V Voltage Ratio - HV2/LV : 10750 / 6900 V HV Ins. Level (Um/AC/LI) : 24/50/125 kV LV Ins. Level (Um/AC/LI) : 12/28/75 kV Voltage Regulation : off-circuit tap changer Tapping Range : +-2x2.5% Frequency : 50 Hz Connection : D(D)yn11 Impedance : 6,6% Standards : IEC 60076 Total Weight : 8370 kg Weight of Oil : 1600 kg
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Added to Inventory list: 7th Feb, 2013 12:19 PM
Send Inquiry for this Item  Contact person: Thomas Forsman, phone +358 400 583 647
ID: BTBWeb #67

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