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Recover your asset by selling your second hand or surplus transformers!


Second Hand Transformer Market

Sometimes second hand transformers can be a very good complement to new manufactured transformers made to order. For instance some projects might be temporary and only need transformers for a short while other projects may be restricted by a very short delivery time requirement or budget.

BTB Plaza can help the market to solve this demand by offering also second hand and surplus transformers. We are therefore constantly looking for available transformers. We can help you to sell your transformers in a Direct Trade process where we Buy the transformer from you or we can act as a facilitator where we will find a new owner for your transformer.

Direct Trade (Buy & Sell)

BTB Plaza will buy the transformer on "as is, where is" basis and re-sell the transformer to a customer. The project will be completely managed by BTB Plaza both from operational as well as from financial point of view. This means that the contractual partner is BTB Plaza both for the seller and purchaser of the transformer. The trading activity may involve all or some of the following activities:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Clarifications of technical aspects
  • Negotiation with current owner and potential customer
  • Making of sales agreements and transactions
  • Financial and Legal Issues
  • Documentation
  • On-site inspection/testing to verify the condition of the transformer
  • Dismantling and packing of parts prior to removal from site
  • Logistical issues
  • Refurbishment / maintenance prior to resale
  • Transportation
  • Assembly and commission of the transformer on a new site

Sales Lead (Facilitator)

In this case will BTB Plaza act as a facilitator to make sure that the transformer will find a new owner. The transformer will be advertised and offered to various projects where the transformer from technical point of view can be used. The pre sales negotiations would be handled by BTB Plaza but the actual sales contact would be made directly between the equipment owner and the potential customer. The complete commercial and technical risk is at buyer/seller. BTB Plaza would in case of a deal charge a pre-negotiated sales lead commission. The commission for BTB Plaza can be as percentage of the contract value or a fixed amount or a combination of both.

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