General Terms and Conditions of Services

These general terms and conditions shall apply to the services provided by BTB Plaza Ltd, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

BTB Plaza Ltd is a provider of services and is an administrator of a marketplace on the Internet for the sale and purchase of transformers and other electrical equipment. Potential buyers may issue inquiries for the supply of transformers and other electrical equipment through BTB Plaza Ltd's business tools with the intention of obtaining quotations and competitive prices from suppliers of transformers and other electrical equipment. It is the responsibility of the suppliers and buyers of transformers and other electrical equipment to agree upon all terms and conditions with respect to the sale and purchase of the products and BTB Plaza Ltd shall not be considered as an agent, representative or alike of a supplier or of a buyer in connection with the sale and purchase of the products.

BTB Plaza Ltd's provides its services based on information received from buyers, suppliers and other third parties and BTB Plaza Ltd strives to provide accurate information and specifications. BTB Plaza Ltd assumes, however, no liability for the accuracy of information published on its web pages, in its business tools, in its services or other information supplied to the marketplace.

BTB Plaza Ltd shall neither be liable for any direct damages nor for any loss of profit, loss of use or any other indirect, incidental or consequential damages incurred by users of BTB Plaza Ltd's services, whatever the cause may be for such damages. Furthermore, BTB Plaza Ltd accepts no liability with respect to business interruption arising out of the use or inability to use BTB Plaza Ltd's services.

It is the responsibility of the supplier and buyer to ensure that transformers or other electrical equipment supplied/purchased meets the agreed specification and is in accordance with the between buyer and supplier agreed terms and conditions. Possible information provided by BTB Plaza Ltd on its web pages is thus only given as guidance and shall not be binding upon BTB Plaza Ltd.

Only registered members will have full access to BTB Plaza Ltd's tools that provide members with accurate tools for doing business on-line. BTB Plaza Ltd will charge an annual fee from its members and by paying such annual fee the member gain access to BTB Plaza Ltd's tools. If a member does not pay its annual fee, BTB Plaza Ltd has the right, at its sole discretion, to deny access for such member to its tools. There will be no commissions payable to BTB Plaza Ltd in relation to a business transaction between a supplier and a buyer.

Successful suppliers will receive a letter of intent or an order direct from the buyer for the purchase of a transformer or other electrical equipment in accordance with the agreed specification. Terms and conditions for the supply/purchase of equipment shall always be agreed in directly between the buyer and the supplier.

All customers and registered members accept and understand that usernames and passwords to BTB Plaza services are personal and individual and must be kept with confidential. Misuse and/or unauthorized use of usernames and passwords will entitle BTB Plaza Ltd to refuse access for such members to BTB Plaza Ltd's web pages and tools.

Please note that when using BTB Plaza Ltd's services, cookies are automatically installed and temporarily stored on the user's computer. In order to properly use our services the user is advised to set its browser to accept cookies. Cookies only record information concerning browsing within BTB Plaza Ltd's site and do not identify the user. By accessing BTB Plaza Ltd's site the user authorizes BTB Plaza Ltd to use cookies.

Possible general terms and conditions of suppliers or buyers shall not be applicable with respect to BTB Plaza Ltd and its services and BTB Plaza Ltd's general terms and conditions take precedence over all other such general terms and conditions.

The services provided by BTB Plaza Ltd as well as these general terms and conditions shall be governed by Finnish law and any conflicts or disputes arising out of these general terms and conditions will be solved by the District Court of Vaasa, Finland, in the first instance.

The Transformer Marketplace and BTB Trafo are registered trademarks of BTB Plaza.

The contents of BTB Plaza Web pages are Copyright © BTB Plaza Ltd

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