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1 pce 20,5 kV Variable Shunt Reactor

Delivery of 1 pce 20,5 kV Variable Shunt Reactor (VSR) 2-4 MVAr.

The unit is delivered to a Finnish Electrical Utility in South East of Finland for compensation of reactive power in the electrical network. 

The mechnical design and instrumentation of the unit is similar to the one of small power transformers. The core is of air-gapped type and the complete active part is made rigid to guarantee low noise level also after years in operation.  

The unit is addionally equipped with an on-load tap changer (OLTC) for regulation of reactive power on-line. This is an economical solution when the customer has seasonal variations (daily, monthly or seasonal) of the reactive power to be compensated.


Shunt reactors from BTB Plaza are Designed to Perform and Built to Last!

Each shunt reactor is custom made to order and designed in accordance with the requirement specification of the customer. All units are routine tested in accordance with applicable IEC standards before delivery and additionally put under temperature rise test. Oil samples are taken before and after the temperature rise test and put for DGA - Dissolved Gas Analysis. This will determine eventual hot spots in the structure (core, windings, supports etc.)

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