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1 pce 12 MVA 22/6,93kV with OLTC

Fast Track Projects / Emergency Services

BTB Plaza has succesfully relocated a second hand power transformer of 12 MVA, voltage ratio 22000/6930 V and equipped with on-load tap changer. 

BTB Plaza was contacted in end of November 2017 with a request for a certain power transformer for a so called Fast Track Project.

The reason for the urgent delivery was the long long time needed for getting building permits for a new grid connection. The end-customer had to find another quicker solution to get their plant up and running. Instead they decided to temporary use the existing 22kV network connection while waiting for the new 132kV grid connection to be finished. The problem with 132kV grid was discovered in a late phase of the project and there was not sufficient time to order a new manufactured transformer with certain lead time. 

BTB Plaza offered both new manufactured transformer with rapid lead time and also several second hand options with matching power rating and voltage ratio being close to what was requested. 

At the end of the day the customer went for a second hand transformer of brand Siemens and with year of manufacture 2006. The order was placed by end of  December 2017. By beginning of January 2018 was the unit inspected, by BTB Plaza together with end-customer, on site in Norway while the unit was still being in operation. By mid February 2018 was the unit disconnected from the grid and dismantled for transportation to new site in Hungary. 

IMG 0038

Photo 1. Transformer on site in Norway

Once again did BTB Plaza solve a customer's transformer issue for a Fast Track Project


  • Does your company have surplus or second hand transformers being available and for sale?

In case you have please contact us since BTB Plaza may be able to relocate the unit for another site in another part of the world!


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