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Starting Transformer Asynchronous Motor - 11,5 MVA 6000/3780V

Fast Track Projects / Emergency Services

BTB Plaza has succesfully delivered a dry type starting transformer for asynchrounous motor for a so called Emergency Service case. The main technical data of the unit is 11 500 kVA, voltage ratio 6000/3780 V with connection Ya0. 

BTB Plaza was contacted by the end-customer on Thursday 25.1.2018 because of a break down of their existing starting transformer.

BTB Plaza scanned immediately the network of cooperation partners for eventual transformers being on stock with immediate delivery. Because of the complexity of the product BTB Plaza realized almost immediately that we need to get shortest possible lead time for a new manufactured unit. This since the chances of finding matching unit on the second hand market were quite minimal.

BTB Plaza checked with the main cooperation partner for shortest possible lead time. Thanks to the flexiblity of the transformer factory we managed to get a lead time of 3 weeks from order placement and drawing approval until EXW ready for dispatch. 

The end-customer had also during the day realized that maybe the new manufactured solution is after all the quickest option. On Thursday evening we got a phonecall saying that we will get the purchase order. 

The factory started immediately with electrical design to make the process as quick as possible. On friday morning 26.1 BTB Plaza got the email confirmation that the official PO is being preapred. By that time was the electrical design finished and the technical data sheet was sent for final approval. The factory immediately continued with mechanical design over the weekend to gain some time in the process. 

On monday 29.1 was the official PO recieved and BTB Plaza could at the same time present the general arrangement drawing for approval. The drawing was approved quickly and the factory could issue orders for subsupplies. Thanks to understanding network of subsuppliers all key components could be received with short notice and delivered just in time. 

The transformer passed succesfully the routine testing on 16.2.2018 which was 3 weeks after the official PO was placed.  


Photo 1. Final product ready for packing and dispatch procedures

Thanks to being Well Connected to a large network of cooperation partners did BTB Plaza once again solve a customer's transformer issue for an Emergency Service case.


  • Does your company have surplus or second hand transformers being available and for sale?

In case you have please contact us since BTB Plaza may be able to relocate the unit for another site in another part of the world for Fast Track Project or Emergency Service case!

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