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A power transformer at a windfarm broke down and the result was lost production and thus lost revenue for the end-customer. The repair time table for the transformer was close to a half year. 

To make the down time of production shorter, BTB Plaza offered a surplus power transformer with matching voltage ratio and with lead time only 3 weeks from PO until EXW ready.

During the 3 weeks time the unit was fully assembled at the OEMs premised and subject to repeated routine, type and some special testing for appr. 1 week. After the testing the unit was dismantled and made ready for dispatch. 

The transformer was visually inspected prior to order placement to make sure that the unit could fit the site conditions. The inspection was carried out by BTB Plaza accompanied by the end-customer and its contractor. 

The logistic services were carried out by cooperation partner of BTB Plaza. The time for transportation from OEM premises to site was appr. 1 week. One of the challenges with the transport was to get the road permits in equal short time as the lead time of the actual transformer. 

Trafo på typtest 

Photo 1. Transformer during testing

Unit leaving the factory rev1

Photo 2. Transformer leaving the factory

Accessories leaving the factory

Photo 3. Two trucks full with dismantled equipment leaving the factory

Unit going uphill

Photo 4. The transformer on its way to site

Fully Assembled Unit on Site

Photo 5. Assembled transformer on site


  • Does your company have surplus or second hand transformers being available and for sale?

In case you have please contact us since BTB Plaza may be able to relocate the unit for another site in another part of the world!

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